Full-Line User Manual (All Current Models) PDF


40-A1 User Manual (276Kb) PDF


280-D/380-D User Manual (147Kb) PDF


1770 User Manual (432k) PDF



LM 40-N User Guide (214Kb)


Additional Models & Legacy Products

(Large PDF Downloads)
Group ‘A’ (Loudness Monitors Current & Legacy Products)
Group ‘B’ (Test Sets/Video Meters/Power Line Meters/Generators)
Group ‘C’ (Audio Processors)



1200 Stereo Test Set User Manual (412Kb) PDF



Dorrough produces a variety of digital audio meters, video meters, surround sound meters, and audio and video test products.
One year warranty is standard on all Dorrough products.
The company is located at 5221 Collier Place, Woodland Hills, California 91364 • Telephone (818) 998-2824. Fax: (818) 998-1507. Email: dorroughel@aol.com