Michael Dorrough Receives NAB Award
Michael Dorrough, left, receives the Radio Engineering Achievement Award from NAB Senior Vice President, Science & Technology, Lynn Claudy at the NAB 2000 Technology Luncheon. Dorrough was honored for his significant contributions to the art of audio processing and audio monitoring.
An extemely popular event, this luncheon is also the forum for the annual presentation of the prestigious NAB Engineering Achievement Awards.
NAB 2000 Engineering Achievement Award Winner, Radio Recipient:
Michael Dorrough is the founder of Dorrough Electronics of Woodland Hills, CA. Mr. Dorrough is best known as the father of discriminate audio processing which he developed in the early 60's. The technology has been widely embraced by radio, television and film industries. A former recording engineer, Dorrough started manufacturing the DAP310 discriminate audio processor in 1972. In the following years, he traveled throughout the country teaching the techniques of quality audio to myriad radio engineers and station managers. Dorrough's audio processing device allowed stations to achieve high audio quality in the days of radio "loudness wars." Discriminate audio processing is at the heart of practically every major audio processor being marketed today. Thanks to his pioneering work, broadcast audio can sound excellent not only on small radios, but also on the most expensive home and automobile systems. In

addition to his work in the field of audio processing, Dorrough invented the Dorrough Loudness Monitor with a patented technology developed to give broadcast and recording engineers a true indication of "loudness" as perceived by the human ear. The audio loudness monitor is now in use worldwide in radio production, motion picture production, posting, music mixing, and dubbing applications.


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Dorrough produces a variety of digital audio meters, video meters, surround sound meters, and audio and video test products.
One year warranty is standard on all Dorrough products.
The company is located at 5221 Collier Place, Woodland Hills, California 91364 • Telephone (818) 998-2824. Fax: (818) 998-1507. Email: dorroughel@aol.com