WE 705A

The Western Electric 705A Speech Input Bay. Introduced in May of 1938, this bay assembly contained all the components required for program control at transmitter locations. It was also the first offering of popular 110A program amplifier in a preconfigured bay.

Considered by many to be the "Grandaddy of limiters", the 110A was (in 1938) regarded as "the most significant innovation in broadcasting within the past five years". Many broadcasters claimed better than a 25% increase in coverage after installing the 110A.

The line-up of panels in the bay (from top to bottom) were: repeating coil and equalizer panel, 7" blank mat, 110A program amplifier, 261B control panel, 751A volume indicator, 260A telephone panel, jack panel, 106A amplifier (spare line amplifier), terminal panel, another 7" blank panel with space for power switches, and the 94C monitoring amplifier.

The 705A speech input bay equipment was housed in "an attractive gray finished sturdy bay cabinet available with either stainless steel or plain gray corner posts and trim."




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